The Dorset Knob - The History

Published: Saturday 22nd Mar 2014

Written by: Ginny Kay

Have you ever heard of Dorset Knobs? These are a unique savoury biscuit that have been made by the Moores family since 1880. They are produced at a small bakery situated between Bridport and Lyme Regis, the biscuits are only made during the months of January and February, once all the stock has been sold, and retailers have to wait till the following year to re order. Dorset Knobs are made from bread dough which contains extra sugar, each biscuit is rolled and shaped by hand and has three separate baking’s lasting four hours with the whole process taking eight to ten hours to complete. You can easily recognise the packaging for the product as they are sold in distinctive & traditional red, white and blue tins and bags. Once production of the Dorset Knobs is complete, the remainder of the year the bakery returns to making less labour-intensive biscuits, such as flapjacks and shortbread.

Have you ever thrown a Dorset Knob? You can find out more about this by visiting the Dorset Knob Throwing & Frome Valley Food Festival. The event is being held on Sunday 4th May at Cattistock, between Dorchester & Yeovil, for £1 you can turn up and see how far you can throw one of your 3 Knobs, the furthest wins the title and the distance is recorded for future years. Fun events are also held -knob & spoon race, knob painting and knob darts. You can also sample the fine foods at the food fest, from breads & cheeses to cider & pies. A fun day out for all the family.

Ginny Kay



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