Swanage Fish Festival - this is the PLAICE to be

Published: Monday 4th Apr 2016

Written by: Nadine Evans

The Swanage Fish Festival 2016

From the 10th to the 12th June you'll have a great "whelkome" at the Swanage Fish Festival. If you're a "dab" hand with the crabbing lines you can have a "brill"-iant time and find yourself hooked on Swanage!

If you've ever fancied a cod ice cream, go to the Fish Festival website for the recipe! We have lots of "plaices" for you to have a kip"per" when you've had your fill "et" of all the festival has to offer. Puffins Reach (well, puffins like fish!),  Sands (in Dolphin Court!) or perhaps The Pinnacles which is so close to the sea you can throw your crab line out through the window! 

Nadine Evans



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