A Recipe for Disaster

Published: Friday 23rd Dec 2016

Written by: Robyn Tatchell

As a person who definitely does not possess the culinary skills of Delia Smith It is safe to say I was concerned when I was asked to write this blog on the perfect Christmas dinner!

please do not follow any of my advice!

Let’s start with perhaps what many consider the staple of a Christmas dinner, the Turkey. Most chefs would recommend the traditional oven cooking, but I say this Christmas why not cook it on a BBQ! I understand that we don’t live in Australia and that the UK does tend to be very very cold in December but that’s what winter coats were designed for! Plus it gives ‘wise men’ everywhere a chance to become king of the grill once more.  Alternatively if you are vegetarian like our property recruiter Kelly you can cook a lovely Quorn or nut roast, although I would suggest oven cooking is best for these.

But wait there’s ‘myrrh’ Christmas dinner is the most important meal of the year and for that reason I believe there should be at least 3 different types of potatoes on offer, roasted, mashed, and baked. If you want to really push the boat out this year, offer even more potato dishes, perhaps wow your guests with some creamy dauphinoise potatoes they will think it is s‘mash’ing.

Pigs in Blankets are also a Christmas treat, although why these don’t get put on every roast dinner is beyond me. This year rather than just wrapping Sausages in Bacon why not wrap literally everything in Bacon! The turkey, the carrots and even the Christmas tree (although I wouldn’t advise eating this last one you may end up with ‘tinsel’itus).

Everyone has a preference for which vegetables they prefer, if you have any ‘frankincense’ you would gather a collection of as many vegetables as possible for all the people that ‘turnip’ to your house, including but not limited to parsnips, carrots, onions and red cabbage. Even if you hate Brussel Sprouts you have to force yourself to eat at least one ‘it’s a Christmas tradition!’ says our Senior Reservations Assistant Tracy.

With more than 8,000 years of farming and fishing heritige Dorset is filled with an amazing variety of fantastic local produce that could be used in any christmas meal.

If you were thinking of following any of my ideas you will end up feeling very ‘stuffed’; however Christmas is the only meal where you are allowed to sleep it off in front of the telly. So eat, drink, be merry and most importantly have a fantastic Christmas.

If you want some actual Christmas recipes I would suggest taking a look here.

Merry Christmas from all at Wyke!!

Robyn Tatchell



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