Dorset Food

Published: Thursday 16th Mar 2017

Written by: Robyn Tatchell

Dorset is home to some fantastic local produce...

Here just some that we love, and know you will too.

The Best Cereal

Based in Poundbury, Dorset Cereals manufactures muesli, porridge and granola. The company now exports to more than 70 countries.

The Best Chocolate 

Chococo is a wonderful chocolate company based in Swanage that sells handmade chocolates, they have something for everyone and have even some more obscure flavours such as Brilliant Black Cow- a vodka flavoured chocolate with lime zest and black pepper.

The Best Beer

Dorset is home to a number of fantastic brewerys, such as Hall & Woodhouse who produce the Badger range of beers and ciders including ‘Hopping Hare’ and ‘Fursty Ferret’. Another Dorset brewery is the Piddle Brewery who makes beer such as the ‘Martyrs Relief’ and ‘Ernie Milk Stout’.

The Best Cheese

Dorset Blue Vinny is a traditional blue cheese made near Sturminster Newton from skimmed cow’s milk; it is a hard, crumbly cheese that has been a common farmhouse cheese in Dorset for hundreds of years. Poet William Barnes references this cheese in his poem ‘praise O’ Do’set’.

The Best Biscuits

Moores' Dorset Knobs are small savoury biscuits that are traditionally eaten with Cheese, and were said to have been a Favourite of Author Thomas Hardy. Because they are hard they can also be eaten by first dunking them in Tea. A Dorset Knob throwing competition is thrown every year in Dorset and Moores also produce a number of other delicious sweet biscuits including Dorset Ginger biscuits and Dorset Shortbread. Another great Dorset biscuit company is Thomas J fudges who create a range of biscuits from crackers to Florentines.

The Best Wine

The Furleigh Estate use their own grapes to make a wine fully produced in Dorset. Most of the wines are sparkling they do also make a few still wines such as the ‘Tyrannosaurus Red’.

The Best Vegetables

Dorset is home to the Dorset Naga, this is one of the hottest chillies in the world reaching a million Scoville Heat Units and more, and is certainly not for the faint hearted! You can also buy a selection of local grown fruit and veggies from various farm shops around Dorset.

The Best Ice Cream

Purbeck Ice Cream is naturally made ice-cream produced in the isle of Purbeck; a delight for all ice cream lovers from Vanilla bean to ChilliRED there is a flavour that will suit every taste bud. If you are out and about in Swanage you would be hard pushed to find a better place than Fortes to go and grab takeaway ice cream, they’re homemade and are all fantastic!

The Best Fish & Shellfish

Being near to the coast Dorset has some of the best fish around, Swanage is a crab and lobster bay and you are able to get a taste of these amazing shellfish in restaurants such as Gee Whites where you can eat alfresco in the summer. There are also a number of other fishing areas in Dorset such as Weymouth and Worbarrow Bay and you can find produce from these areas in local fishmongers.

The Best Farm Produce

Dorset is home to a number of wonderful farms many of which have their own farm shops; you can even buy certain local farm produce at Budgens in Swanage. 

Robyn Tatchell



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