Promoting your Holiday Cottage

Local marketing with national backing

We are unique in that we have an office in Dorset, as well as the backing of one of the largest letting companies in the UK.  What this means, is that we have local knowledge and connections, combined with the resources of a marketing and IT team working nationally, to generate bookings for your Dorset holiday cottage.   

Promoting your property online 

Two thirds of holiday cottage bookings come from our Websites, and so we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that they are user-friendly, work across all devices, offer a quality experience, and enable secure payment for our guests.

Our main website, has excellent conversion rates, which means that people that view our holiday cottages actually book.  All holiday cottages are also featured on our national website,, as well as, which features a large range of carefully selected holiday cottages from local agents.  We also pay to list your holiday cottage on numerous affiliate websites, both in the UK and elsewhere across Europe, to ensure that your holiday cottage attains maximum exposure.

Our IT team work hard to ensure that we maintain our position in search engine results, and our marketing team use pay per click advertising where necessary. 

We actively engage with guests and other people with an interest in us via our social media channels; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+.  We encourage people to “like” us, “share” posts about us, and regularly run competitions to increase interest, and get more people following us.  This has become another important tool to generate bookings.


We produce a lifestyle magazine, which showcases our Dorset holiday cottages, as well as Dorset as a destination.  The magazine is distributed widely across Dorset, as well as being available to order online. 

Direct mail and e-newsletter campaigns

We send both printed materials and email newsletters to our large database.  These communications are high quality, informative and well targeted.  Our marketing team track the progress of the campaigns, to ensure that they generate a high rate of bookings.   

Press and advertising

We work closely with a number of local and national publications, event organisers and community publications to promote our holiday cottages.  We focus on generating PR, and getting editorial or advertorial into publications.  We’re always on the lookout ways to promote your holiday cottage!     

We also advertise in the areas where our holiday cottages are located, to ensure that holiday makers are aware of us.  Some of our staff drive branded cars, and we often place signs or banners in key positions.    

Promotional signs

We will create a free promotional sign to go outside your holiday cottage.  The signs provide an overview of the holiday cottage, with a brief description and photographs, so that all those passing can see what the property offers and how they can book.  The signs all have a QR code, which guests with a QR code reader on their mobile phone can scan, and be taken direct to the holiday cottage on our website.   We also supply attractive window stickers for holiday cottages where these would be more visible or appropriate.


Local shows and events

We often attend local and county shows, which is a great way to meet holiday makers and chat about our holiday cottages.  We have high quality displays, and branded materials for people to take away with them.

Our combination of local knowledge, with national marketing backing is unique, and is the reason why we attain the highest booking rates in the business.Call us on 01929 448648 or email us on to arrange a free, no obligation initial visit.